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    Black Myst


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    Black Myst

    Post  Xarishro on Wed Jan 13, 2010 8:38 pm

    This is just a short series of poems I wrote during school when I was bored. I'm not sure what to call it so I call it a Sonic fanfic in the form of poems.

    Black Myst
    It was as a child that he brought destruction
    Our holocaust blazed in one night
    There were zero
    That is the tale
    That turned from fact to legend
    And legend to myth
    There were none to dispute
    And any who did was labled "loon"
    My past, destroyed by Black Myst
    Is known to me
    And only me
    Because, after all
    Who would believe a wolf?

    Gazes cross paths
    Both with fire, one from hell
    One for me

    "One day," he says to me
    "When my dawn turns dusk,
    After your sorrows
    Your betrayal to me will end you"

    Those words, once fog
    Turn crystal
    To purify the demon
    I must reconstruct me
    So I may one day destroy
    The walls of my self-illusion
    To end my life for them

    A shiny emerald
    Illuminated in blue
    As powerful as the sun
    Rests on the sand

    I take it
    Though not for me
    But something in my heart
    Says to protect

    I turn and see
    A streak of blue
    Flash towards me
    And in that instand

    A skirmish
    Wolf and hedgehog
    The blue falls
    I walk off

    Beneath the gold halo
    I realize, I know
    He, who I beat,
    Will save me one day

    From afar, I watch it happen again
    Another set ablaze
    Their screams: knives piercing night
    I have to hurry
    Leave this place
    I know he followed
    Black Myst, my bane

    I ran, unable to bear
    The cries of my bitter past
    And found the blue

    With a poisonous gaze
    He said to me
    "Why did you?
    How could you?"

    And to that
    I equiped my shell and smiled
    "They got what karma gave to them"
    Those words came from my mouth
    My shell laughed in the face
    Of the blue's dispair

    I left to him
    My prized coined name
    And I turned my frozen shoulder

    How could he know?
    My pain
    My nightmare
    Of the real me
    Beneath my hardened shell

    After the first, I went for the others
    Stones of power, unfound. Unprotected.

    Free for my take

    Echidna to fight for it

    The Blue, I met again.
    Still wounded, I had to fight.
    My victory came easy.

    The Blue, and a fox
    Intercepted me.
    My exhaustion strained me
    But our conflict was inevitable.
    Tooth and claw, our senseless fight
    Came to an end.
    These emeralds were now mine
    To later give back
    When the time becomes right.
    But for now, I leave to them
    The location of my home.

    The Cave
    There, in the cave
    Hidden amongst the lake
    In the rough sandy walls
    Of the twisting endless maze
    Lies my home
    My reality

    This is where I am free
    I can escape the hunt
    And I can keep safe
    The red, violet, yellow, blue, and the green

    In my home, my cave, my lair
    Stories unfold
    But truths stay untold
    For I live the life they don't know
    The one they never knew
    That will never be known

    In the blissful haze of night
    I sleep under the moon
    Vulnerable, defenceless
    Those self-proclaimed "peacemakers" I
    Put to the test

    I pray they will not come,
    That they are who I think
    But I misjudge and wake up
    Surrounded with their hate, no escape

    They close the doors
    Lock me up
    So sure they found their villain

    To this, I stay silent
    Let them rejoice in feigned peace
    In time they will see their mistake
    The one they should have seen
    The one I hid in the smoke of
    A white lie

    So now they see before them
    Gray wolf, minion of fear,
    Caged and beaten

    Unknowingly their last hope

    Big "Bad" Wolf
    I know my name
    One accused of evil
    Example for fairytales
    To feed their hate

    But they don't know me
    And so
    I must hide me from them
    And remain their scapegoat

    But to this, I do not mind
    I want no revenge
    Only to help
    For they have an enemy
    One they can't even imagine
    And one day
    I will give to the Blue
    The emeralds

    Hopefully then,
    Just maybe,
    They will learn that
    In the inside of every shell
    Is something soft

    In the cage, I am met
    By Blalck Myst

    My sanity drifts
    As my willpower shrinks

    My eyes glow red
    My claws and fangs grow sharper

    The big bad wolf
    Finds its reality through me

    Memory is torn asunder
    And I feel their screams, their fear

    I find a rift
    And his power weakens

    I begin to gain consciousness
    And take control

    Then there I lay
    Too weak to move

    And sickened by the smell
    Of blood on my claws

    False Betrayal
    I gather my strength
    No time to lose
    Dive into the lake
    To reach my cave

    I race to my stash
    And grab them, to deliver
    The stones of power
    Aware I'm short two

    Black Myst had made his move
    And I broke free
    Now the turn is mine
    I held the gems from them
    So you would stay put
    But you changed that

    So here is my false betrayal
    False only because
    I was never your ally

    I return
    Emeralds delivered
    And now
    I must hide

    But where do I go?
    No, they will find me
    I will hide
    Out in the open
    The safest place to hide

    I put on a black hoodie
    Make myself overly conspicuous
    So they will not know
    I am me

    My job is done
    I let the Blue take over
    And I watch as He
    Is defeated
    Black Myst
    Who disguised himself
    As me

    Now it's over
    Yet I am still here
    Still alive

    I ask myself why
    And then I see
    The me, those many years ago
    Did perish
    And in its place
    Was born
    My new self

    One of courage
    Of bravery
    And a kind heart
    One willing for self-sacrifice
    So that others may continue
    To live
    Their deserved peace

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    Re: Black Myst

    Post  Den on Thu Jan 14, 2010 12:01 am

    I'll take time tomorrow to look over these poems. They seem really abstract, so I'll just give some general thoughts instead. I don't want my brain to hurt that much.

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    Re: Black Myst

    Post  LokiBeragist on Thu Jan 14, 2010 5:48 pm

    Wow Ive never seen sonic fanfics taken to that level.

    I saw blood in their x3

    But I like em, they are all different in some way or another and I see you like sensory and narrating. THIS MAKES YOU FURRY jk

    Whether it does or not. Razz You get hugs.

    I'd give you my heart
    And let you just hold it.
    I'd give you my soul
    But I'd already sold it.

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    Re: Black Myst

    Post  Xarishro on Fri Jan 15, 2010 2:15 pm

    Nah, I'm not a furry, but I have nothing against them either Smile

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    Re: Black Myst

    Post  LokiBeragist on Sat Jan 16, 2010 1:29 am

    Xarishro wrote:Nah, I'm not a furry, but I have nothing against them either Smile

    Woot xD

    I'd give you my heart
    And let you just hold it.
    I'd give you my soul
    But I'd already sold it.

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    Re: Black Myst

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